How this CPG Brand Scaled with Matcha Wellness Products

The CPG industry is big, competitive and always changing. CPG companies rely on new products to keep up with the ever-changing pace of the market, while keeping their current customers happy through different formulations.

As CPG companies push forward within their fields, they are also tasked with ensuring that their employees are highly-skilled in areas such as branding, marketing and product-development. Building CPG brands to success is not an easy task by any means.

For example, one CPG entrepreneur known here as "PT" was interested in CPG matcha, but was only able to find retail matcha options.

PT's CEO was a consumer-packaged-goods entrepreneur who wanted nothing more than their CPG brand to be built around niche matcha products and formulations - not readily-available CPG matcha products that were receiving negative reviews.

PT turned to, a west-coast based CPG matcha wholesaler. Matcha CPG entrepreneurs can find CPG wholesale matcha on the site, and have their CPG brands built from ground-up around CPG private-label matcha formulations from

Here is how PT was able to successfully build their CPG brand through CPG private label at

PT turned to CPG private-label matcha products and wholesale matcha products at, working directly with the company's product manager to develop formulations that were unique and specific to PT's brand, while keeping CPG standards high for overall quality.

Within just a few matcha wholesale formulation development sessions, PT was able to develop CPG products that were specific to their target demographic

What was the Challenge for this private-label purchaser?

Consumer packaged goods are known to be a tough business. High volumes, low margins… it's easy to see why so many companies struggle with staying profitable. That being said, it is possible for any company in the space to elevate themselves into success by offering their target market what they want.

This CPG brand was able to find what would turn a profit in a sea of other competitors through leveraging matcha wholesale from to offer new products and blends.

In an interview after roughly 2yr working with, PT shared that "the idea was always there" to incorporate matcha into their target market plans, but it took time for them to figure out how to bring it to life.

Although there were many matcha suppliers in the online space, it was important for PT to find a company that they felt would also be a good business partner, and after looking at what offered beyond just a product, they knew we would be a great fit.

It didn't take long before became PT's go-to matcha wholesale supplier for their target market, which brought about change in the space that has lasted well over two years.

What started with one private label product quickly turned into several, and then soon after this CPG brand decided to expand through their own lines of blended matcha products because they understood that what they offered would satisfy target market needs.

How this brand leveraged's supply chain to their business strategy

As time passed and PT's products were able to create a name for themselves, the company began to see success through their target audience buying up their matcha wholesale line so quickly that it started to turn heads before long. Recognition from top-selling brands followed until finally changes in the target market were seen, which has led to a much brighter future for PT in the space.

They have been so successful in fact that they even recently released 2 new matcha products, one of which is known as their signature product and is their most profitable blend to date!

The target market's demand for more than what was offered before by PT created a shift in the CPG space.

In conclusion, PT was able to successfully build their business through offering new matcha products and blends that target markets were yearning for, but what really mattered above all else is that they found a supplier like who shared similar ideals about creating longterm customer loyalty and satisfaction. Private label matcha wholesale was what successfully changed the target market, which created positive change in the CPG space.

As this CPG brand's target market continues to show interest in their matcha, will continue to be there to create more products so they can remain competitive for years to come while still serving target markets with quality products.

In addition to target markets, was also able to create a path for PT to become a wholesale supplier in the CPG space with ease through offering private label matcha wholesale done right from sourcing to packaging and shipping their products so target markets would have access to high-quality product.