Private Label Services

What Services our Private Label Matcha and White Label Matcha Clients Receive

You can count on us here at to offer competitive pricing on premium quality matcha powder and spiced-matcha blends that you can re-purpose under your own name and branding for your market and strategy. 

Private label services

  • Our facilities can produce the widest range of custom products, not only limited to size – we can offer unique packaging, blends, and services to support your business. 

  • Our marketing team released monthly updates, market reports, and ongoing pieces of training to develop deeper relationships with clients interested in white or private-label tea powders.

  • Our Sales team can discuss our policy around Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) with you today and why it sets us apart from other vendors. Since we provide custom-branded tea products as a B2B product, we aren't going to limit you to prohibitive MOQs – through our services. You can get started today with as low as 30pc of any custom-size branded matcha product. 

We provide affordable pricing that doesn't take a long onboarding process 

Have questions? You don't have to wait half a month waiting to be approved as a private-labeling brand. We can provide pricing to qualified businesses on the same day (contact us here), and you're also empowered to order free or reduced-cost white-label samples for your review. We're the only provider with the renowned Matcha Access System™ — a proprietary SaaS system we have created that reduces a lot of the friction on onboarding and onward for our B2B customers. 

We don't require blanket purchase orders or annual contracts

At, we are a fundamentally different type of private label and wholesale matcha producer. We flex our capital and modern tech-focused forecasting to ensure low lead times and reduced prices that don't bind you into annual contracts that hurt your business. You can order as needed, and it's our mission to make the wholesale matcha and private-label industry as seamless as retail shopping online. 

We provide trust and reliability as a service for all wholesale and custom-branded clients. 

No private-label matcha supplier can match our extensive knowledge, decades of experience in the industry, and sheer passion for tea. Our private-label matcha has everything you would expect from a high-quality brand-name tea supplier plus so much more. You may have to sacrifice initial start-up costs with other private label tea suppliers – but NOT with us. We're also trusted for our ability to cut down on complex packaging problems and deliver on the bespoke matcha product that you dream for. 

No matter what private-label matcha wholesale supplier you choose, we stand by the belief that we meet the most important qualities to look for – and exceed expectations regularly. Not only do we have private-label matcha in stock — but we also have white label matcha. White-label matcha is private-label matcha that does not come with packaging and can be purchased in bulk. 

Matcha private white labeling

We service complicated custom branded packaging requirements for matcha 

It's best when you find a private-label matcha supplier that you can trust with all your complex packaging and wholesale needs. While private-label matcha may come with a slightly higher initial price tag, it is the only way that you can stand out from other tea sellers and truly make your private-label matcha unique – we're here to make sure that affordability stays in the picture and you're not unable to proceed with a business plan just due to the incorrect supply chain system. 

What regions we serve for matcha private label and organic white label 

We have many years of experience with matcha tea industry and are well-experienced in manufacturing. possesses the technical skillset and supply infrastructure your business can quickly learn to rely on for all private and white-label product purposes. We were one of the original places to start offering private label matcha products in North America — and we're thrilled with the results. We also have a great deal of business growing throughout Europe and other areas around the globe. Many of those products now can be found worldwide under different brand names. Don't hesitate to contact us through our site today for same-day service and expedited samples. We can provide extensive examples, whether you are looking to sell your matcha product in tin containers, aluminum pouches, glass jars, or another form of container. 

We can explain exactly what a private label product is and how you can sell matcha

 When you want a private label matcha that will serve customers well, then the company that you should turn to is us here at The private label matcha that we sell is high quality, and it may be used to create a custom branded matcha drink mix or other private label products, including tea bags, ready-to-use tea drinks, or other private label products. A private label green tea powder is one such product where the bag's surface has been covered in a particular way to make it possible for different companies to easily put their branding onto it without having to wrap each product they sell individually. 

We take the stress out of the private label matcha business and make it fun

This makes it easier for retail outlets that carry this product to have private label matcha available to sell. The custom products we offer are examples of private label matcha that may easily be sold by coffee shops and other retail outlets which tend to have their own branded products for their walk-in customers. So, whether you want private label matcha or private label tea bags, you've come to the right place here at – we'll be able to get your branding onto each one of these items easily and without difficulty. This will help money and time since you won't have to hassle with the whole process.

We provide GMP and FSSC, USDA Certified private label matcha

When you place a purchase order for white-label or custom-branded matcha products, you will receive all applicable accreditation and certificates that we carry. These include ISO and HACCP, certification of USDA Organic equivalency, CofA's for heavy metals, pesticides, and nutritional potency, COOs (Certificates of Japanese Origin), and comprehensive batch-by-batch radiation screenings.