Finding the Right Wholesale Matcha Tea Powder for Your Business

We'd love to meet you and serve wholesale matcha for your cafe!

Are you a cafe owner or operator? Do you run a restaurant serving food and beverage? We can serve everyone from bakeries to boba tea shops the wholesale matcha you need for foodservice preparations. We are a #1 trusted wholesale matcha distributor, carrying nearly a dozen unique blends of matcha – from culinary grade to ceremonial grade – and fully certified USDA Organic available at each step of the way

Finding the right matcha wholesale or in bulk for your business

Most foodservice customers can shop today through our self-serve wholesale matcha portal. Still, you can keep reading below for all the information you need to run your business with the benefits of wholesale matcha – we also offer tips and information about the growing market for matcha. Contact us today if you need a custom quote or customized support from our 100% U.S.-based wholesale matcha tea(m).

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Why we are the perfect wholesale matcha partner (USDA Organic available) for you

We're enthusiastic about all the new relationships we build with cafes and foodservice establishments looking to expand their menu and carry health-boosting wholesale matcha that your customers will not only love but feel! We carefully source and produce our matcha green tea, including in wholesale volumes (1kg – 10,000kg+), and have developed a robust wholesale matcha supply chain to serve your establishment with industry leading, fast delivery from the moment of each order.

We are the first matcha wholesaler to provide a tech-first, modernized wholesale shopping experience for the green tea powder your customers can benefit from. In addition, every new food service account receives a complimentary barista matcha kit and a physical or digital guidebook of foodservice matcha recipes, tips, storage recommendations, and much more.

Finding the right matcha powder for your business for drinks and food recipes

We will diligently care for your tea powder requirements and have expanded our operations to all of Europe and Latin America, too – if you're an international foodservice customer, please ask us about our Intl. Matcha Program.

What are the grades of matcha for cafe owners?

Generally, matcha powder falls under three grades. This includes ceremonial grade (e.g., premium organic first harvest matcha), classic grade, or culinary quality matcha used for recipes with additives such as non-dairy milk, ice creams, and bakery products. (1)

Finding the right matcha powder for your business wholesale and in bulk.

Additionally, ingredient grade matcha tea may be used as a thin consistency or for certain benefits such as caffeine content, antioxidants, and other label claims. The world of food & Bev has the fastest growing demand due to health and wellness consumables. This includes all types of matcha flavored snacks, matcha infused snacks and baked goods, and many other ways to use your wholesale green tea powder to boost the variety of products your cafe may offer. (1)

An authentic matcha distributor for your cafe or business

Matcha green tea is completely natural, and when you choose us here at, you can also rest assured it is 100% authentic and made in Japan. Best of all, our ceremonial grade is available in wholesale sizes to offer rich nutrition and to give you an ingredient that is suitable for applications, including regular tea and other matcha tea-based cafe beverages. (1)

Our classic grades of matcha possess subtle flavor, medium bitter taste, and a complex of savory bite. This flavor profile helps in food recipes that your cafe may wish to implement for customers (e.g., matcha lattes, matcha scones, etc.). (1) 

Why cafe matcha is on the rise for wholesale customers

Matcha powder is gaining strong popularity in North America and Europe, owing to its high antioxidant levels, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. The considerable range of health benefits that come with matcha makes it a powerful element to feature on menus for cafe owners for cafe businesses. In addition, matcha tea is a great natural food coloring. When added to recipes, matcha brings a naturally joyful, vivid green hue to any food product. (1) (3)

Finding the right wholesale or bulk matcha for your cafe or small business

Since our foodservice matcha comes in wholesale sizes, you can leverage its high chlorophyll content to create food and Bev recipes that your customers will love, especially knowing it may help protect their bodies from free radicals and cell damage.

Japan is the sole major exporter of Matcha tea to North America and Europe. So as the consumption and popularity of matcha continue to rise, how can business owners and operators like yourself find a reliable distributor? Look no further than! The advantage we offer here at is not only as a wholesale source for matcha but also as an internationally certified, farm-direct producer.

How Helps Cafe and Foodservice Establishments with the greatest value wholesale matcha and Japanese teas.

Our extensive network of farming cooperatives allows us to tap into excellent quality matcha at a fraction of the price of what your competition is paying. We are also the leading resource on wholesale matcha information and cafe matcha economics – each year, we measure the market and provide insights to our cafe customers to better serve their customer base.

In particular, our 2022 findings can inform your business that matcha has been gaining acceptance among younger consumer demographics as just one example. Much of this growth comes from matcha's high nutritional profile and health benefits, and businesses do not need to sacrifice these quality attributes (and health benefits) to get a reasonable price on bulk matcha.

Matcha for Foodservice and Wholesale – Market Demand and Stats

The North American region has witnessed one of the highest recorded growth rates for the interest in matcha tea and green tea flavored products. This is primarily driven by increased reliance on wellness products in the form of food and beverage, essentially reminding us of the philosophy of "let thy food be thy medicine." (2) (3)

But in all seriousness, if you're a small to medium-sized business looking for green tea powder in quantities above 500g (1.1lb), then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are prepared to provide you with all the matcha you need to capitalize on the growing demand for healthy drinks, innovative packaging formats, and changing consumer lifestyles. In addition, our team's expertise at can also enable your business to offer the convenience factor associated with matcha in the ready-to-drink (RTD) format.

Matcha that is quickly available in ready to drink format for a cafe business

Market Analysis of Matcha for Cafes: Convenience is King

A recent survey we took from our existing foodservice accounts in the U.S. and Canada revealed that more than 30% of walk-in cafe customers expect their caffeinated beverage to be pre-made or already prepared within only minutes of coming into their local cafe. So ask us today for more information, or shop at our wholesale store if you're ready to leverage our Japanese tea products to propel the growth of matcha powder in your specialty market, region, or cafe business.

The Matcha market in North America is forecasted to exceed $3 billion annually within the next two to three years alone. And according to a new report by one of the leading reporting agencies on global green tea powder, the rising popularity and potential profit are not unfounded. The surging popularity of matcha has been precipitated by a longstanding history in Japan (this product is more than 1,000yr old), well-studied research into it being a 'cleaner' source of caffeine energy than coffee, and a range of other scientifically-backed health benefits. (2) (3)

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