Private Label Matcha for North American Businesses

Full Customization

Welcome! We're based in the U.S. and have a full-fledged team that spans internationally into Japan! We can offer custom matcha tea blends through private labeling. We'll enable your business or matcha start-up to be able to add a profitable product line to your operation rapidly. Our private label matcha products typically offer higher profit margins to our OEM customers simply by providing a product quality (and price point) that other vendors are not equipped to provide. 

Private labeling with

We'll educate you below on what to expect from our streamlined Private Label Matcha program. We also offer USDA Organic and white-label options for culinary and ceremonial grade tea powders. If you'd like to contact someone from our team right away, fill out the form here. Or keep reading.

Your business can utilize our vertically-integrated matcha production and packaging assembly line to offer fully customized OEM matcha products. We're proud to provide more than 300 unique packaging, grade, and size options to our valued private label customers.

What options do we offer our private label matcha businesses?

Our expert team can walk you through selecting Matcha Green Tea grades, so you can pick which is right for your business and your budget, including Green Tea Leaf, Matcha Tea Powder, and so on.

You will be provided with a list of packaging options and sizing customizations you can make with your new products. We'll also inform you how different Matcha Green Tea products work better with various packaging materials, packaging features, and label claims. We'll do all the work for you to ensure your private label products are produced with proper packaging, protecting the shelf life and flavor and color of your OEM matcha SKUs.

 we offer custom blends and packaging for on-the-go consumers

We began offering private label matcha many years ago.

 In the past couple of years, we have extended the selection to include the highest grades of ceremonial matcha that your business could benefit from carrying. That means you have nothing to lose, and because we are a farm-direct private labeler of matcha, you can benefit from our U.S. team while getting pricing comparable to going 'direct to Japan.'

The most popular grades of matcha we offer for the white and private label include usucha (thin-tea) and koicha (thick tea). These are blends of organic matcha from the first harvest of annual Japanese green tea production. We also offer private labels on matcha's culinary and ingredient grades, which offer the most competitive price point and highest quality of matcha to be used in recipes and other food products. Our culinary and ingredient-grade matcha is less sweet in flavor when compared to our ceremonial-grade matcha. Why is this so? It's the result of the 2nd and 3rd flushes of matcha production. Do you already know which category your business needs for matcha private labeling? Shop now or contact us today.

Private Label Matcha Guarantee

Here at, we guarantee all of our Private Label businesses that their OEM matcha will come in sealed, branded. In addition, safe packaging (custom bags and tins) is assured to optimize your matcha's shelf life, which is usually 2yr, so you have ample time to profit on and sell.

We will proudly serve hundreds of U.S. and North American businesses interested in accessing close to 1,000 matcha product variations, including organic matcha for all PL and WL (white label) purposes. Our U.S. team will walk you through the unique processes and cultivation of matcha tea. Once we connect with you and learn more about your business, we can certify your eligibility for our highly-rated Matcha Private Labeling Program.

Why Private Label Matcha might be a good idea for your Cafe, CPG Brand, or Superfood Company

No matter if you're a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce CPG brand looking for private label matcha, we're able to leverage our extensive network and chain of supply to provide you with the specialty Japanese green tea products you need.

You might have questions about adding a private label matcha to your brand's product line-up in situations where you're looking to offer premium quality wellness products or when capitalizing on the growing superfood and latte blend market in North America.

Different types of green teas and matcha powders wholesale and bulk

With, you can expect exceptional streamlined bulk matcha service. You can quickly pull and order high-performing formulations such as our original chai matcha blends, adaptogen matcha latte blends, hojicha tea, and our ceremonial matcha blends. And remember, all of our incredible blends and tea powders are available in the unique packaging you desire and are easily certifiable under USDA Organic upon request.

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