Why matcha.com is the right wholesale source for matcha

What is matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder made from specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It's packed with antioxidants called catechins, well-studied for their ability to fight against free radicals in the body. It also contains caffeine, so you can get an energy boost when you drink it!

A serving size of matcha powder for matcha tea

Many purchasing departments don't realize all matcha is not created equal. There are countless matcha powders and different grades on the market, and quality is vital. Unfortunately, a lot of the potential health benefits and high-quality sweet matcha flavor profile that your customers are counting on may not even exist due to poor quality. However, the recent influx of fake matcha being imported from unqualified tea fields with productions not certified authentic by Japan is even more problematic.

We grow and harvest our matcha with Japanese families who have been growing it for generations.

Our matcha is the best quality you can get wholesale 

As you'll learn below, here at Matcha.com, we deeply pride ourselves on the focal points of quality, authenticity, and good-manufacturing practices (GMP) that are required to harvest high-quality matcha each year. We are the #1 leading supplier of farm-direct matcha tea here in North America and abroad. We can satisfy all of your strict quality assurance requirements – with matcha.com, you never have to worry about receiving matcha that hasn't been stored properly (remember, matcha must be kept in a cold-storage facility such as our own before it is sold to a business).

Why retail stores and local cafes are choosing matcha.com for their food service/wholesale matcha needs

Wholesale matcha from other vendors often lacks flavor, is poorly ground, and has other indicators of low quality or even inauthentic. If you've unfortunately experienced those negative characteristics by now, you probably know that sticks and clumps in your matcha tea should never happen. It would be best if you had a supplier of authentic, high-quality matcha that is 100% stone-ground, milled perfectly, and ready to dissolve into cafe drinks and even desserts with absolutely zero hassle.

The last thing we want to hear are those horror stories of businesses new to the market for wholesale matcha and accidentally placing POs from less reputable vendors for a subpar green tea powder that you cannot comfortably sell to your valued customers. 

Whether you're the purchaser for a cafe or a restaurant business, turn to us here at matcha.com starting today for the best wholesale matcha you need to succeed. Please note that all new wholesale accounts are not required to go through a tedious and time-consuming onboarding application. In addition, we're the only supplier to offer same-day purchasing – we can discuss the specifics of your business after you've ordered a sample if you prefer.

What's the secret to matcha.com's wholesale matcha program?

The secret to having great wholesale matcha powder for our customers starts with cultivating our green tea leaves. In addition, we have dedicated facilities for each type of Japanese matcha powder – and our vertically integrated inventory management system allows your business to receive the correct size pack sizes within the timeline you need. 

For example, if you operate 6 locations of a local cafe business, you may require wholesale matcha in bags not larger than 500g each. That allows you to spread the inventory within your system and not worry about opening a 10kg master pack and ruining freshness.

By the end of 2022, we anticipate that the number of cafe and foodservice-style businesses we serve will surpass more than 5,000 across the U.S. and Canada. All of these businesses have something in common with your own: they value reliable, honest ingredient suppliers. Therefore, we won't kick you around with uncertain updates or spotty inventory – we have optimized for the end wholesale customer such as yourself to ensure the bulk matcha you need is available today and every day forward.

What experience does Matcha.com have in the Bulk and Wholesale Matcha Industry?

Our team has more than 40yr combined experience in the matcha industry across the U.S. and internationally. Our expertise spans between our teams located in Japan and the United States. We do all of the heavy lifting so that you aren't bound by MOQ or purchase contracts that other suppliers may wrap you into before you can place your first order.

How do our wholesale matcha logistics operate?

The way that we're able to offer those competitive prices without annual contracts is by leveraging our AI inventory forecasting. We consider the market growth for matcha powder and your own estimated business needs to create the most flexible opportunities for your cafe, restaurant, or co-manufacturing operation.

As we described, this is called our Matcha Access System™, which is a trademarked inventory system designed around the unique supply chain of matcha tea and the dynamic network of cooperative organic matcha producers in Japan.

Why purchase wholesale matcha through our bulk matcha portal?

If you're searching for B2B matcha, we can provide for any order size, whether small, large, or super-sized. Seriously, we have pallets of matcha on standby for every one of our ten grades – including organic bulk matcha by the pallet or truckload FOB LAX. We will provide you with unbeatable customer service — and unmatchable wholesale prices! Please take advantage of free shipping and our Bulk Matcha Price Match Guarantee. 

The final word: Consider ordering wholesale matcha for your cafe from matcha.com

The cafe industry is gaining more and more traction as more studies back up the health benefits of antioxidant-packed green tea powders and other teas. For cafe owners, green tea powder provides many opportunities for what they need to succeed, including making customers happy. Matcha is an ingredient that undeniably gives excellent health benefits, which cafe customers can appreciate, and cafe owners can benefit from it, too, by selling it at their cafes.

Matcha ingredients add color, taste, and aroma to any beverage; these qualities might appeal to cafe patrons since it is an easy-to-use ingredient, and cafe owners don't need to make any significant or costly changes to their equipment or staff. Therefore, your existing menu can stay the same.

There are other alternatives besides green tea powders for cafe drinks. If you own a cafe, or if you're a manufacturer or CPG brand, we hope this article has helped you decide why matcha is a good choice for the success of your business. Adding matcha powder to the menu or product line will detract from anything. It will only add color, taste, and aroma that your customers can enjoy.

Get in touch or take a peek at our complete list of foodservice and wholesaler matcha services here.

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