What is bulk matcha?

Why choose matcha in bulk supply?

The benefit of buying bulk matcha is almost always thought to be solely in price. It is significantly cheaper because it comes from the same leaves that go into making other grades of matcha, yes. Still, manufacturers and ingredient procurement departments may be relieved to know that their purchasing power also allows them to demand a high-quality product, too, not just only a better price.

In terms of quality and freshness, there should be no difference between a retail grade of matcha and a "bulk grade" of matcha, which can be anything from ceremonial to ingredient grade - depending on what your business needs it for.

Why choose matcha in bulk supply?

How do I buy bulk matcha powder?

Most procurement and sourcing experts tend to start their search online or ask their ingredient suppliers' network. However, looking for a high-quality matcha supplier becomes even more complicated because it's an internationally-produced and imported product.

You may have success scanning the internet for generic suppliers or outdated companies who haven't modernized their supply chain. If you ask us, though? Skip the hassle and confusion over whether you're getting a good deal on bulk matcha and contact us directly; here at matcha.com, we will take care of your ingredient needs for all supplies of culinary matcha and ceremonial matcha in bulk. 

Prices are fixed and can be negotiated based on your annual needs, we won't haggle you, and you won't have to deal with a non-U.S.-based provider. Our sales team is located solely in the U.S., so they can communicate with you to find the best bulk, high-grade matcha for you. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting and speak with our team in Japan so that you do not have to.

Authorized distributor of high-volume bulk matcha powder (green tea powder)

As we mentioned above, the best thing to do if your business is on the hunt for tea powder is to circumvent all the fuss and go with authorized, ethical, and vertically-integrated suppliers such as us. Our robust logistics and supply chain is the primary reason people buy bulk matcha from us at the highest increasing rate of any U.S. or North American provider. As a result, Matcha.com is quickly pacing up in the market share, and for a good reason – our hybrid logistics model allows us to store your inventory in the U.S. in a cold-storage facility. Therefore we cut out 95% of lead-time issues many businesses experienced due to the ocean import crisis of 2020 and 2021. (2) (3)

Our lead-time model is novel and is just one example of how we are a tech-first supplier. We rely on AI forecasting and utilize our capital to hedge against inventory issues you'd experience with another producer.

Bulk matcha price guarantee™ - Ask us about it 

However, we cannot guarantee that you won't find so-called "green tea powder" at a better rate elsewhere. All we can say is please be wary and don't be fooled by fake 'Japanese' matcha. Make sure it's not phony matcha from China, and even if that proves not to be the case – what one brand calls "culinary grade" might realistically be an even lower, more bitter product intended for less versatile uses. (3) 

The solution we recommend is to contact us today to receive honest information about grades, prices, and benefits of the bulk matcha services we offer. Moreover, in the event you find a competing price on a similar product, we won't just match it – we'll guarantee to beat it by at least 5%, and sometimes up to 15-20% – all depending on annual volume or quarterly forecasts of your ingredient needs. (1) (2) (3)

Since matcha powder is a raw tea ingredient and material, you must be equipped with a knowledgeable and extensive partner in this field. But, seriously, focus on other components of growing your company, and let us do all the matcha work for you.

Why it matters more than ever - reputable bulk matcha company

Matcha green tea powder is a dynamic ingredient that many manufacturers can use in many industries – and this is especially true of the Food and Bev sector. Food manufacturers use matcha to make green teas, juices, smoothies, and other drinks. They use it as a health supplement ingredient too. (3)

Matcha is also used in cosmetics, supplements, and various beverages, including alcoholic beverages like beer or cocktail drinks. If you are a manufacturer or small business owner, finding the right company to buy matcha in bulk is essential. Matcha can be expensive if bought retail (in small quantities). But buying matcha wholesale as a manufacturer is much cheaper. (1) (2)

For manufacturers marketing matcha products - benefits of using matcha

With the increasing popularity of matcha tea worldwide, demand for this high-quality green tea product has skyrocketed. Matcha is a super-finely ground powder of specially shade-grown and processed green tea used in Japanese ceremonies. (1)

Higher nutrient density - One teaspoon of matcha powder contains the following nutritional benefits: 

- 70 times the antioxidants of regularly brewed green tea (1)

- 20 times more fiber than regular green tea leaves (1) 

The most excellent economic value: 

Matcha is typically ten times as expensive as other teas. In most cases, a small quantity of matcha provides many servings. It can last for up to three months when stored correctly in an airtight container and can be used in countless recipes that call for green tea powder.

Greater consistency and quality: 

Replacing loose leaf green tea with matcha also provides you with a more consistent product. Because it is ground so fine, matcha becomes completely dissolved when prepared correctly.


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