How Barista's Can Quickly Prepare Matcha for their Cafe or Business

Different matcha drinks prepared 


The second most crucial element besides your matcha powder quality itself is how you are preparing your matcha. Even if you have the highest-quality matcha powder, simple errors in the preparation process of a matcha latte can lead to a disappointed customer. That's why we've put together four staple recipes for baristas adding matcha to their menus below. We also have an extended guide with Torani <> Matcha here
steps to preparing a traditional cup of matcha for a barista


You can follow our six simple steps to preparing matcha powder as a hot cup of tea. Preparing a traditional cup of matcha tea is quite straightforward:
 Step 1 to making a bowl of matcha: simmering, steaming hot water. not boiling.
Step 1:  Heat up water in a kettle until steam first appears. This will mean the water temperature is around 180°F.  Keep in mind you don't want water temperature to be boiling when you make matcha, as that can burn it and cause the matcha to taste bitter. Instead you want simmering, hot water.
Warm up your chawan first with hot water then wipe it dry before adding matcha powder.
Step 2: Pour 1/2 cup of the hot water into your chawan (matcha bowl). Dip your whisk or electric frother into the warm water, and then remove the whisk, discard the water, and dry off the bowl with a clean cloth.
Place 2-3grams or roughly one teaspoon of matcha powder through a sifter into your matcha bowl.
Step 3: Using a chashaku (bamboo scoop) or teaspoon, measure out 2-3 grams of matcha green tea powder into the warm bowl. You can also use a sifter to make sure your matcha is nice and smooth.
1/4 cup of water to mix with your matcha powder.Combining matcha powder with simmering hot water
Step 4: Add around 1/4 cup of hot water from your kettle into your bowl to combine with your matcha powder.
Electric frother for mixing matcha is a good tool for a barista who is busy.Bamboo whisk for mixing matcha for baristas
Step 5: Using a traditional bamboo matcha whisk or an electric frother, mix the powdered tea and water together. Begin slowly with a back-and-forth motion where you draw Ws or Zs, and then increase the intensity which quicker strokes to create a nice bubbly froth.
Step 6: Rinse off your scoop and whisk and your matcha is ready to be served. You can also add your customer' sweetener of choice here (honey, brown sugar, vanilla syrup, or agave)


6 Steps to preparing a matcha latte for baristas


A steaming hot matcha latte is a delicious, energizing drink that is likely to become a favorite among customers at your cafe or restaurant. 
Warm up water until it is steaming hot for a matcha latte if preparing hot.
Step 1: Heat water to a low simmer until you begin to see steam. (Not boiling hot water, as that can burn the matcha and give it a bitter taste) You can do this in a variety of ways, such as using an electric kettle.
measure out around 1 teaspoonMatcha latte preparation for baristas, a step by step guide
Step 2: Sift 1 teaspoon (around 2-3 grams) of matcha powder into a chawan (matcha bowl) or taller cup if using an electric frother.
Add steaming hot water to matcha mixture
Step 3: Add the hot water to the chawan or cup that contains your sifted matcha powder.
Traditional bamboo frother steps to making matcha latteUse an electric mixture or bamboo frother to combine matcha powder with hot water
Step 4: Using an electric frother or traditional bamboo whisk, mix the matcha powder into the hot water by following a W or Z like pattern, agitating the water and creating a slightly bubbly and foamy surface. Keep in mind if you are using an electric frother, you often need a taller glass or container.
Heat up milk until simmering hot for matcha latte
Step 5: Heat up one cup of milk to a simmer, adding 1-2 teaspoons of your sweetener of choice if desired. (This can be honey, vanilla syrup, brown sugar, ect.) 
Matcha latte with milk and matcha
Step 6: Froth up the milk until its doubles in volume (ie let it get nice and foamy) and pour into a mug. Then pour your matcha water on top, gently stirring the mixture together and serve.


Steps to preparing the perfect iced matcha latte


An iced matcha latte is one of the most refreshing drinks on the planet. And when you prepare a matcha on ice, more of matcha's naturally sweet flavors and undertones tend to shine through every sip.
2-3 grams of matcha when preparing a drink
Step 1: Using a mason jar or a dedicated matcha tumbler, mix 2-3 grams (or roughly one teaspoon) of matcha powder with 1 ounce of filtered water at room temperature or colder. Shake and mix together until you notice a paste has formed near the bottom of the jar or container.
electric frother for iced matcha latte recipe for baristas
Step 2:  Open up your container and grab your electric frother to make sure all your matcha powder is fully dissolved in your tumbler. Avoid clumps!
Step 3:  Take your serving glass, and add-in some ice cubes all the way to the brim.
Steps to preparing a matcha latte on ice
Step 4:  Add 5 ounces of your milk of choice as well as any sweetener if desired. Be sure to mix in your sweetener of choice to your milk before pouring it on ice. Matcha pairs wonderfully with almond, soy, lactose-free, and oat milk. 
combine your milk and matcha on ice
Step 5: Pour your matcha mixture on top of your iced milk, serve, and watch the joyful expression on your customer's face after their first sip.


Traditional iced matcha


An iced version of a traditional cup of matcha is super easy to make and refreshing. It is also a favorite recipe among matcha purists, as it showcases the sweeter flavor notes in a quality matcha powder.
Ice matcha drink
Step 1: Start with your serving glass filled with ice cubes up to the brim.
Ice water (step 2 of making a cold brew matcha)
Step 2: Next, pour around 3/4 cups of filtered cold water onto into your cube with ice cubes. A filtered water helps bring out even more of the matcha powder's flavor.
2-3 grams of matcha for this barista recipe.Shake up your matcha in a tumbler or cocktail shaker when preparing cold brew matcha
Step 3: In your matcha tumbler, cocktail shaker, or mason jar, add around 1/4 cup of water along with 2-3 grams of matcha powder (around 1 teaspoon). Shake vigorously fo ten to twenty seconds.
Ice matcha - swirl and serve!
Step 4: Pour your cold matcha tea into your glass of ice water. You can give it a swirl and then its ready to serve!

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