Bulk Matcha Customer Services & Benefits

What Services You Receive as a Bulk Matcha Customer

We specialize in bulk matcha, retail matcha, private label matcha, wholesale cafe matcha, and all Bulk Japanese Teas through our suite of services. Also, since 2020 we have expanded access to B2B clients to carry our top-tier ceremonial grades, useful for high-end applications, nutrition, and mainly white labeling of products.

Bulk Matcha Customer Services & Benefits

We offer a diverse product range of wholesale matcha and matcha utensils for retail businesses. We have matcha powder, ceremonial grade matcha, matcha sencha green tea, matcha Chasen bamboo whisk, matcha chawan bowl, and matcha scoops and sifters as well.

Our matcha is truly a labor of love, and we're deeply passionate about the versatility of our product. We see massive potential in matcha's industrial purposes (e.g., nutraceuticals, greens blends) and its use in products such as energy bars, where matcha can be a dominant flavor and energizing component.

Our team is well versed in R&D, everything from the fermentation of matcha all the way to moisture content for hard candy chews. We firmly believe that matcha is only just gaining a foothold in North America and we're prepared to serve every type of product development needs that your business has. So let us know which of these bulk matcha services you need, and we can help!


Our tea-fields span some of the oldest tea farms in Japan. Our land is developed exclusively for USDA Organic production under current guidelines. We can blend the perfect matcha for your business or pick a bulk grade from our standard line-up. This method guarantees that the finished product meets rigorous quality and specification standards your business demands.


We are honored to share the widest variety of matcha green tea powder available in bulk. So whether you need matcha as an ingredient for baking, ceremonial grade matcha for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, a matcha collagen-boosting face-mask, or just for a standard matcha latte on your cafe menu — we've got you covered. We produce organic and conventional bulk matcha for co-manufacturers who primarily deal with the food/Bev industry – but we will work with any business. 

Bulk Matcha Customer Services & Benefits


Matcha.com bulk matcha is available in quantities from half a kilo (1.1lb/500g) all the way to our Master Cases which contain 2 x 10kg mylar bags. We are prepared to ship your business any volume of bulk match you need without any MOQs. Pallet and 40' container pricing are available to the highest volume ingredient businesses. Contact us now for high-volume.


Our Tea Masters, alongside our team of supply experts, work year-round, constantly collaborating to provide your business with a steady stream of consistent, high-quality bulk matcha. As a result, we can manufacture high-volume and mega high-volume organic matcha with outstanding accuracy and year-over-year consistency.

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