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8 Services Our Wholesale Customers Can Expect From Their Matcha

If you're interested in high-quality organic wholesale matcha in bulk, rest assured that we are industry leaders with expert insights into customer trends and healthier Food and Bev options. Skip below for a complete list of servies our wholesale matcha customer may expect from us, or keep reading as we bring you up to speed.

Matcha is the new popular healthy drink everyone is ordering at cafes and coffee shops.

If you're looking for wholesale matcha and this is the first time learning about it, here's a snapshot of the benefits matcha may offer your business:

  • Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It is the most popular form of tea in Japan and is often used in ceremonies and in modern-day in almost every type of energizing drink and baked goods. (1)
  • It is straightforward to prepare matcha – the drink is prepared by dissolving matcha green tea powder in water and then whisking it into a frothy beverage. (1)

Preparing a cup of matcha tea is easy

  • The health benefits associated with matcha are countless. First, the drink is well-studied to be high in antioxidants, which help fight against aging and chronic disease. Matcha also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress without causing drowsiness. If you currently supplement l-theanine, consider using natural matcha instead of searching for wholesale L-theanine powder. (1) (2)

8 Exclusive services we offer our wholesale matcha customers and cafes

A whole range of different matcha powders and products for wholesale and bulk

1) Steady-pricing through our network of partner matcha producers

The unprecedented health benefits and the high-regarded sensory experience are the two primary reasons the matcha market drives upward in growth. Our services directly help stabilize the fluctuating prices of raw material matcha in North America and Europe to better serve your business with fixed pricing and no commodity surcharges. 

2) Expert advice on how to capitalize on the matcha market

We routinely help new and existing businesses tackle how to integrate matcha green tea powder into their business plans. We can leverage our experience and successful examples we've helped to offer you the best service for cafe growth, matcha for restaurants, and private label matcha businesses.

3) Fast answers and same-day matcha purchase orders

We're passionate about what we do and how we can help protect the authentic producers in Japan for matcha – so please allow us to find out how we can serve your business. Contact us today to start a conversation, and our dedicated Bulk Matcha Concierge Team will answer you within 2-12hr on average.

4) The best authentic bulk matcha for wholesale purchasers available.

All of our wholesale matcha is shade-grown, milled by granite stones and/or temperature-controlled oscillation devices. Our matcha is naturally non-GMO and is always certified free of dangerous levels of heavy metal, radiation, and pesticides. Every order of wholesale matcha is entitled to all accredited Certificate of Analyses (COAs) and custom lab-tested, which may incur expenses depending on your requirements.

5) The widest selection of high-grade wholesale matcha products

We're incredibly fortunate to be able to offer one of the broadest North American selections of matcha, matcha tea powder for wholesale, Japanese teas, matcha accessories, and more! You can evaluate our ethics and sourcing practices statement here or contact us for a more in-depth answer regarding our commitments to direct-trade and sustainable agriculture in Japan and worldwide. Our production network has been in the same family for generations, and it's a top priority that we serve your business with ethical principles. This can make you feel especially good about choosing us as your go-to bulk distributor of matcha.

Do you have matcha on your menu? You should! Order the highest quality wholesale matcha today.


6) Free wholesale information and training materials for all things matcha

Some of our matcha comes from more than four centuries old farms. As such, we make it our obligation to provide the education, resources, and recipes that everyone from CPG brands to Baristas and Cafes needs to add matcha to their line-up successfully. So even before you place your first wholesale order with us, our team is readily available to serve you free information. In addition, we are always happy to advise you on how to market matcha at your cafe — providing whatever information you may need around the origins, health benefits, and flavors of authentic Japanese matcha powder.

7) Advice and support to help you grow as a company

We will help you, alongside countless businesses, build a successful and profitable niche in the quickly expanding matcha market. We have the resources to deploy actionable steps (and excellent quality matcha) on behalf of your food and beverage business – no matter if you're a small or medium-sized business or a corporate-level purchasing director of a top U.S. superfood company.

8) 24/7 Concierge customer service team

Our team consists of experts in operations, manufacturing, R&D, and all forms of supply chain logistics. We understand your business's unique needs and the challenges you may face in adding a new ingredient to your products. We get excited to discuss our systems with all prospective customers, so please note that our 24/7 Concierge Team is standing by to assist you. You can check order status, get a new delivery, or request documentation in one easy email or texting interface.

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