Why Customize With Matcha.com?

Customize Your Branding With Private Label Matcha Products

We will walk you through the label design process if you're looking for labeled products. We will provide the exact labels sizes and templates, and if you need a label designer, we will help you find one. The final label products are often made here in the United States, though sometimes it is produced "made to order" directly from our Japanese facilities.

White labeling your matcha powder with matcha.com

Our vertically-integrated inventory management program can also deploy matcha-based drinks, treats, and tea bags, all bespoke and customized to fit your branding and strategic business requirements.

Our team is standing by to serve you. Call us today or email for quick answers and get the next steps. You may also order a sample of our exclusive private label matcha grades here, with custom quoting available too.


What happens once your branding is ready for private labels

After you have created branding, logos, and other attributes to your business, we will facilitate the printing, bespoke box production, or custom metal tin printing for all label requirements you have. At matcha.com, no custom packaging ideas are turned down or considered too difficult to employ. We promise to work with you throughout the process and answer any questions you have, ensuring your matcha packaging is exactly as you envisioned it.

At this time, we'll want to ensure you've been fully informed on the various grades of matcha and that you are confident about what you are filling your cart with. If governmental certifications are required for label claims or organic certifications, that will also happen at this stage – and varies customer by customer.

We provide maximum customization and packaging control options

White labeling your matcha has never been so easy

Utilize our services today and enjoy the most flexible North American venue for private-label matcha in a packaging format of your choice. We offer tins, wholesale bags, Ziploc bags, imprinted matcha tins, custom-printed OEM bags, full-seal adhesive stickers, tack-strip sealing labels, matcha private label kitting services, and specialty packaging. Our R&D team can also assist you with unique sourcing requirements. Sometimes this involves a fee.

You get your own full-spectrum private-Label matcha producer

Our private label services are considered full-spectrum because we handle all elements and deliver a ready-to-market final product to you. Depending on the volume, grade, and custom packaging requirements your private label needs may carry – your order will either ship from our U.S. manufacturing facility or potentially our Japan private-label production facility.

Fast service and shipping is guaranteed 

In either case, your order will always ship directly to you through fast couriers such as DHL Express, which we may cover free of charge. All this means short turnaround times and market-ready products for your private label matcha business in no time. So contact us today to get started!

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