Bulk Hojicha Powder and Wholesale Houjicha Tea

Organic hojicha Powder is an ingredient which brands need to purchase for products that have tea in them. We carry hojicha powder in both organic and conventional and we are a leading vendor for it. Hojicha essentially is the Japanese version of roasting green tea leaves with bancha or sencha leaves used most often.

Why Hojicha is a Valuable Green Tea Product for Private Label and Wellness-Products

Often hojicha is used as an after-meal drink, since it helps aid with digestion and does not contain caffeine like other teas do – making for a unique marketing angle for any wholesale purchaser looking to carry it or manufacturer with it for their brand.

All of our hojicha teas below come in 500g bags or higher, but we do support OEM customization such as 30g hojicha in a tin, 80g, etc... pricing varies significantly on the quality of hojicha Tea Powder you wish to purchase.

What Bulk Hojicha Sizes and Qualities We Provide

If you would like bulk hojicha tea powder please do not hesitate to contact us through our site or if you have any other hojicha tea questions. We provide Bulk hojicha Tea Powder for wholesale houjicha so you can have a better customer experience, or even allow us to prepare your own hojicha blend.

More Context about Why Hojicha is Growing in Popularity

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea which has been roasted over charcoal at high temperatures. It has a dark brown hue and its flavor is very smoky or woody if brewed incorrectly. High-quality hojicha is very low in caffeine, making it a good choice for children, and manufacturing applications where caffeine should be low, yet the benefits of green tea are required.

There are hojicha tea bags by some brands which are whole hojicha leaves, but these are no longer as popular as they once were and instead bulk hojicha powder has taken the place as a cost-effective green tea powder, with extra flavor profile.

Houjicha has a rich, unique aroma and slightly smoky taste with hints of toasted sesame seeds. It is quite hearty compared to other green teas and can be enjoyed day or night. This hojicha powder is available in both organic and conventional formats for wholesale purchasers.

How We Can Help with Bulk Hojicha Powder Tea

If you are looking to purchase hojicha powder wholesale then you should fill out the form below. We provide hojicha powder in organic and conventional, as well as hojicha tea bags and private label hojicha tins. We provide hojicha in bulk at wholesale prices with fast shipping. We guarantee our products are of the finest quality at unbeatable prices.

Final Word: Hojicha available in wholesale and for manufacturers

It is 100% pure green tea leaves roasted and typically stone-ground, nothing else has been added to the hojicha powder that you will receive, unlike flavoured tea powders or other ingredients. We provide wholesale hojicha tea powder to the CPG and tea industry for use in commercial hojicha products, plus our hojicha leaves stay fresh for a long time because they are dried at low temperatures before being sealed into 500g - 10kg bulk bags and exported to our U.S. warehouse.