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Six (6) Stage Purity and Potency independently vets ALL of our matcha offerings on a regular basis. Possessing some of the most rigorous international food-safety certifications, is the ONLY matcha brand to utilize the proprietary Six (6) Stage method

[that's up to double the safeguards of other brands!]

Rigorously Tested.
Like you, our co-founder Dr. Weil is equally picky about what he's putting in his body. It took years for to create our matcha-growing collective in Japan to develop what our customers often call "The Purest and most potent matcha on the planet!" It all comes down to the Six (6) Stages of purity and potency required to validate the absolute quality of our tea-farms' matcha.'s Six (6) Stage Guarantee

Rigorously Tested. Absolutely Pure.


The first step in's proprietary Six (6) Stage screening is to ensure our products are free of microbial contaminants. These include coliforms, yeasts and molds, and any bacterial presence. Just like heavy metals, radiation, and pesticides – we take the purity of our matcha from any microbial contaminants with absolute concern. Keep reading for each of our six steps. ¹



Next in our Six (6) Stage purity evaluation is to prove that our matcha is compliant with the strictest Heavy Metal guidelines, including those of California. Accredited labs conduct a complete screening for heavy metals and ensure they are not detected whatsoever at unsafe thresholds. Even for those who have a serving of matcha everyday, there are no detectable 'Prop 65 levels' of Arsenic (As), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), nor Mercury (Hg).²


Step 3 in our official Six (6) Stage testing method provides for one of the most comprehensive pesticides screens of any matcha green tea in the world. Industry-leading instrumentation evaluates our matcha for any presence of more than 500 pesticides. With your health and safety in mind, our tea farm has never once used pesticides, and we're happy to report that absolutely zero tested pesticides are detected in our matcha/green tea. Note: these are accredited equipment with extremely low detection-thresholds for even the most microscopic presence of these toxic pesticides.²

Step 5

Step 5 is part of our proprietary Six (6) Stage method because it deals with the potency of the matcha you're ingesting. Since you want the highest quality matcha from all of Japan, we stand by the mood boosting effects you may experience. Our matcha is tested regularly for healthy concentrations of brain-boosters like L-theanine, synergetic caffeine, nootropic antioxidants, and even theobromine (one of the feel good compounds found in chocolate!). We promise that you'll literally feel the difference that our quality makes.3


Our Six (6) Stage matcha protocol wouldn't be complete without an industry-leading, 'Full Nutritional Panel.' Giving accurate insights about the nutritional value of our matcha products is something that you'll notice sets us apart from most every other matcha brand on the market. Added value of this final step means reporting potency of antioxidants in some of our matcha. Moreover, the specific nutritional data provides details found on our article: "Vitamins found in Matcha"


This certificate is a sample offered and produced by to meet customer requests, compiled from actual testing from key matchas.

Examples like: First Harvest, Master's Blend, Ceremonial Grade, Superior Organic, Tenchi, and Loose-leaf teas

Microbial1 Method Specification Result
E.Coli/Coliforms FDA BAM Chapter 4 NMT 3 MPN/g Pass
Yeast & Mold FDA BAM Chapter 18 NMT 10 cfu/g Pass
Total plate Count AOAC 966.23 NMT 10 cfu/g Pass
Heavy Metals2 Method Specification* Result
Lead(Pb) ICP (ANA006CHEM) NMT 0.5 μg/day Pass
Mercury(Hg) ICP (ANA006CHEM) NMT 0.3 μg/day Pass
Cadmium(Cd) ICP (ANA006CHEM) NMT 4.1 μg/day Pass
Arsenic(As) ICP (ANA006CHEM) NMT 10.0 μg/day Pass
Radioactivity4 Method Specification Result
Cesium 134 FDA WEAC.RN.Method3 < 1.0 Bq/kg Not Detected
Cesium 137 FDA WEAC.RN.Method3 < 1.0 Bq/kg Not Detected
Iodine 131 FDA WEAC.RN.Method3 < 2.0 Bq/kg Not Detected
Pesticides2 Method Specification Result
500+ Pesticide Analysis AOAC 2015.06, et al Minimum LOQ Not Detected
Nutritional (w/ Antioxidants) 3 Method Specification Result
Nutritional Potency Panel Eurofins - Mixed Mixed Pass
Catechin M903W As Detected 5,190 μg/g
CG, GA, GC, GG M903W As Detected NMT 4.99 μg/g
Epicatechin M903W As Detected 3,710 μg/g
Epicatechin Gallate M903W As Detected 10,200 μg/g
Epigallocatechin M903W As Detected 9,420 μg/g
Epigallocatechin Gallate M903W As Detected 45,900 μg/g
Brain Boosters3 Method Specification Result
L-theanine M901G Total 22.2mg/g
Caffeine AOAC 980.14 Total ~37.5mg/g
Theobromine AOAC 980.14 Total ~<5.5mg/g
Total Catechins M903W As Detected 74,400 μg/g

*Based on average number of daily servings at .5g serving size

1 interpreted from AR-21-QR-002979-01

2 interpreted from 2907154-0

3 interpreted from AR-20-QR-029733-02

4 Interpreted from AR-21-QR-007743-01

Frequently Asked Questions

Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea in the whole world. It comes exclusively from Japan, where the benefits of matcha are strongest due to the special climate and cultivation techniques.

Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea in the whole world. It comes exclusively from Japan, where the benefits of matcha are strongest due to the special climate and cultivation techniques.

You've probably asked yourself Is green tea matcha? The truth is matcha green tea powder is one of the most concentrated tea powders in the world, and it's not just green tea either. In fact, the range of matcha green teas rank highly for overall antioxidants and the matcha ORAC rating, especially the ceremonial grades. However, no matter the matcha you choose, you'll get more antioxidant health benefits than you ever would compared to green tea.