Cafe Customers Want Healthy Food and Drink Options including Matcha

Matcha is truly a functional ingredient that your business may leverage to offer jam packed nutrition and a kick of caffeine in many types of food and bev products. If you or your business is ready to take advantage of this, it’s good to know that the U.S. is a leading country in that growing demand. Other regions such as in Europe and surrounding areas may also benefit from this increasing consumer awareness towards traditional teas, herbal teas, and more.

The rising demand for high quality nutritious ingredients has contributed to the rising trend (and genre, even!) of health food products. Food and Beverage businesses are aware that the range of health products extends far past vitamins and supplements.

This very reason is why cafes can benefit from offering health-based snacks, bars, and drinks etc… many of which can be infused with matcha and low-cost green tea powders. Matcha tea has been used for a long time in Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam in order to fortify diets and food products.

Why Cafe Owners Should Add Matcha Powder to their Drink Menu

Cafe owners should consider adding matcha powder to their menu for many good reasons. Today's cafe industry is growing rapidly because of the health benefits people are gaining from cafe beverages, especially green tea cafe drinks. It’s not just about coffee anymore, even with some research supporting the benefits of coffee (e.g. antioxidants).

Cafes and foodservice businesses need to tap into a wider range of health boosts or otherwise they risk becoming outdated. We can provide your business the green tea powder you need to keep as many doors open as possible, including offering this wider range of health drinks to keep customers happy. Matcha is an ingredient that gives great health benefits, which cafe customers can appreciate and cafe owners can benefit from. Add it to your menu today!

Why Cafe Owners are Moving to Matcha Powder/Coffee Alternates

A top 3 driver of “why” cafes are adding matcha to their menu stems from its functionality as a coffee replacement. Few natural products actually achieve the energy and caffeine content that customers require in order to skip their daily coffee, but that’s exactly why matcha is becoming popular. More than 10% of walk-in traffic at cafes are interested in non-coffee based products – could you imagine losing 1 out of every 10 customers just because you don’t serve matcha? The same reigns true for any coffee replacement.

Besides, if you own a cafe you’re probably already well-aware that more and more people are looking for these healthy alternatives to the usual cafe beverages. One of the most popular cafe menu items is green tea drink in large cities such as Los Angeles and Phoenix, which cafe owners can successfully sell at their cafes at a very attractive profit margin. Become a customer of our wholesale matcha tea today, and take these benefits right away:

  1. Cafe customers will love it
  2. Cafe owners will benefit from selling it
  3. Alternative to coffee
  4. Add variety to your menu
  5. Increase sales with low costs
  6. Make customers happy and loyal

So let us know if you have any further questions, our team is on standby able to answer these wholesale matcha questions for your cafe. You can contact us to receive additional information about wholesale matcha, our team can advise how cafes are benefiting from adding matcha power to their menu, how beneficial the addition of matcha powder might be for cafe owners, other alternatives besides green tea powders for cafe drinks such as hojicha and sencha powders, and critical industry benchmarks for growth and matcha health benefits in the scope of cafe operations.