Private Label Matcha Gummies, OEM Matcha Gummy Manufacturing

Looking for matcha gummies for your private label brand? Our team has decades of experience in the gummy industry as well as the matcha industry, and we're prepared to help you achieve a delicious OEM matcha gummy with the potency and flavor profile your brand wants to take to market.

The PROs you need for your Matcha Gummies

Matcha is a challenging ingredient to formulate with into a gummy format. The fine powder is not workable in most gummy machinery. Our gummy facility is a pharmaceutical-grade production environment with special equipment to help create the ideal matcha gummy that the other guys can't.

Trust in our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, ensuring consistently high standards that exceed expectations. Seamlessly integrate your own OEM matcha gummies into your product lineup.

If you're a gummy manufacturer, work with us to commercialize and scale-up any matcha gummy projects or leads you're working on. We're happy to work as an extension of your own manufacturing and more!

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