Wholesale Sencha Powder and Bulk Organic Sencha Powder

If you're a producer of direct-to-consumer goods focused on the health and wellness space, you likely have heard of matcha – but did you know about sencha powder too? Basically, sencha is a less labor intensive type of powdered green tea; typically lower in price and stronger in flavor, sencha powder is available in bulk here matcha.com and it may interest you if you wish to gain its benefits as an ingredient.

Sencha Bulk Powder in Bulk Bags or Wholesale Quantities

We offer sencha as bulk sencha tea powder or sencha as sencha tea bags. Sencha green tea powder contains caffeine and antioxidants such as catechins, theophylline, and xanthine. Sencha tea powder is a great addition to numerous types of food and beverage products, it can even be added as a low cost "organic green tea powder" ingredient to stuff like chocolate, and tea mixes – sharing many of the label claims to that of higher-grade green tea such as matcha.

We offer bulk and wholesale sencha green tea powder that can be used as a flavor enhancer or fortifier of nutrition. Sencha is a potent ingredient which is advantageous because it contains high levels of polyphenols, and also contains caffeine. sencha powder can be used in baked goods or sencha tea powder can be added to your powdered drink mixes, since it's fully-powdered just like matcha powder.

Only difference is that it doesn't receive the same high-level of labor-intensive care, and it goes through a less complex harvest, steaming, drying process.

The Growing Demand of All Types of Green Tea Powders - Sencha Tea Powder

Sencha falls right in line with health-conscious product ideas, and we're prepared to serve your business the wholesale sencha powder it needs today. If you need bulk sencha we carry organic and conventional and can ship your order anywhere in the world within just days. Individuals in the millennial generation are very open-minded to the health properties of green tea products and green tea infusions – something to take note of.