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Sale price$128.77


Highest Quality Bulk Matcha - Ceremonial Organic

Experience the ultimate tea-drinking experience with our Ceremonial Organic Matcha Tea Powder, the perfect quality (and perfect price!) for all Food Service establishments. Everyone from Baristas to Juice Bars can now serve this meticulously crafted, premium, first harvest tea!

Priced to Drive Profit (~$0.25/serving)

The average cup of ceremonial matcha latte is $6.97 in cafes nationwide! Using just 1-2g of matcha per serving which costs only roughly $0.25 - 0.50 per serving! Order today to benefit from 90%+ profit margins.

Customers Love this Ceremonial Organic Matcha!

Delight in its unparalleled smoothness, which truly shines when prepared and savored in the traditional tea ceremony style.

Our exclusive line of matcha showcases a harmonious blend of flavors derived from the renowned Uji region's distinctively rich and deep character, as well as the refreshing and light notes found in Kagoshima. This fusion results in a matcha with a well-rounded taste profile that is sure to captivate your senses.


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